Basic Oil.

We sell virgin basic oils, such as:

  • Bright Stock
  • Naphthenic Pale Oil 2,000
  • SN 600
  • SN 220
  • SN 100
  • Dielectric Oil

We also offer:

  • Mineral grease with our own brand!
  • Grease Maquila services to produce your company grease
  • Alternative Fuel

We can send you from 1 Tote to any amount of Full Containers locally or internationally.

Ask us! we have great prices! Free estimates, just send us an email !

 In Mexico and USA we buy and collect:

  • Used, recycled or off-spec Clear Oil
  • Used, recycled or off-spec Flushing Oil
  • Used, recycled or off-spec Glycol Anti Freeze
  • Used, recycled or off-spec diesel
  • Any clear Mineral Oil
  • Biodiesel
  • Used and Clear Hydraulic Oil

If you are in Mexico or in the US and you have any of those last products we collect, you can send us a sample, and if your product´s quality it´s good for us, then we make the purchase.